Paris Saint-Germain (H) - CL SF | Post-Match Thread


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8 Aug 2006
To be fair to PSG they were probably put off by the greed of the ESL.

East Level 2

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23 Jul 2013
How many would he have had to send off for it to be abandoned and replayed? Cos that was their clear tactic for the last half hour.
Some bloody silly errors giving the ball away unnecessarily (we'll blame the pitch) and many, many more moments of sheer brilliance.
Not sure that was our best performance ever as some have claimed, but the CL is the most prestigious club tournament in world football and we're in the final. Fucking drink it in!!
Yes, I am aware it's also one of the most corrupt club tournaments in world football but we're still in the final so you can still fucking drink it in!!
Absolutely gutted fans probably won't be allowed as I'll have had my second jab by then, but better safe than sorry.

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