Pecking Order and Transfer Policy

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by Gabriel, 23 Jan 2019.

  1. TCIB


    30 May 2011
    Neither here nor there!
    There is no distinct pecking order that i see. The differences at the top are pretty fine. A player may just be tipped with a few sweeteners more from one club than any other. Having your parents house and debts paid off with a little extra to live well may appeal very much to some people. Others may have grown up wealthy and not as susceptible to such offers. The clubs that want them may already have an established star in your position; with the expectation you work into it when you feel ready to take on the world. Another big club may be weaker in that area and make the bold decision to guarantee you x playing time in league matches, even have it written into contracts.

    Gabriel Jesus was very much wanted by Barca but at the time we looked the better option for him. If we had 2 top strikers at the time he may have decided not to risk it and go somewhere else possibly.
  2. The Riot Club

    The Riot Club

    4 Oct 2016
    Leafy Cheshire
    Barca and Real will always be a big draw for some players, especially Latins or those with links to those clubs. No-one can deny they're the two most famous and successful teams in the world with global appeal and star players. Plus of course the climate is better and they're guaranteed CL every season.

    However, we should not lose out to PSG, Chelsea or rags if it just comes down to money. With the owner we have and the fact we're listed in the top 5 revenue generating clubs means we should blow other English teams away if Pep really wants a player. We have the best manager in the world, who is a draw in himself for many players - the club heirarchy did everything to get him and should back him financially against any other English club.

    We should and need to spend whatever it takes to get the players we need to remain at the top table and to stop the rags, scousers and cockneys overtaking us while we are in the position of strength; best manager, regular CL, amazing style of football. Losing out to a rival over an extra £5m-£15m is pretty shit. We can afford it I'm sure, and should treat the illegal rag-driven ffp with the disdain it deserves like PSG do.
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  3. Tevez City

    Tevez City

    9 May 2010
    Pep wanted :

    1- Fred > United
    2- Jorginho > Chelsea
    3- Frenkie > Barcelona

    Lets see who is the next target
  4. bobom


    30 Nov 2009
    Until we have won a champions league title the way to attract them is to pay over the odds - fees and wages.

    I think we are heading that way, even if it is not our policy now. One of the reasons we have bought so many players in their early /mid twenties is that it will reduce our future transfer outlay, and free up money for some (maybe just two) big, expensive signings over the next few seasons: long term replacements for Aguero and Fernandinho.
  5. FCBarca


    18 Jan 2011
    La Côte
    History of the club figures in it for many players as well. Many young players grew up being drawn to it or some of the players to have worn the shirt of a certain club and I have no doubt this is a compelling draw not for all, but many
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  6. BimboBob


    7 Jul 2008
    Listen, Can you smell something?
    As is with most things in life you don't always get what you want.

    We are a draw, especially with Pep in charge, but sometimes a player, for whatever reason, decides to join someone else. Such is life. We move on.
  7. tolmie's hairdoo

    tolmie's hairdoo

    20 Feb 2008
    behind enemy lines, regularly
    Ndombele, de Ligt, Wan-Bissaka and Alex Grimaldo (two years left on deal/can't let that pass).

    That should do it - you're welcome!

    £230m for the next half decade.
  8. Henkeman


    11 Sep 2011
    When considering a pecking order, it's also worth noting that unlike say Liverpool, the Spanish giants generally find it very hard to persuade players to leave City, and they've tried with a few of them. Diaz doesn't really count given the near end of his contract and that he wasn't a core player.

    But they've said as much that City won't sell.
  9. Paladin


    10 Jan 2009
    Is this in lieu of an 'It's Quiet' thread?
  10. the_tevez_wiggle


    3 Apr 2010
    The perfect transfer window for me, not for 5 years though. We have great youth coming through which I agree will push the young squad we have, but we don't have a young forward to step up when aguero leaves. Lucas nmecha looks a decent plan b 3rd striker but we would still need some on. Someone like cutrone, chiesa, kluivert, Werner, pellegri not a great deal out there but there must be a raw forward to be unearthed somewhere.

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