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    Shearer used to score penalty after penalty. If he was one on one with the keeper 90% of the time he would score, in crucial goal scoring moments he wouldnt crumble. He wasnt particularly skillful player but he had the right mindset, so does Kane. Determined, confident, professional, nerves of steel - Ederson.

    It would set a new precedent in the premier but if City could accept the shitstorm from the media and if our strikers would accept the snub I think it could be beneficial
  2. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

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    I can't see why we don't have one training session where everybody does nowt but take penalties. At the end we tot up the scores and the one with most goals gets the job, whoever it is. Mind, it'd probably be Kiddo, or Pep, or the water polo guy!
  3. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    you can train all day long taking pens but its meaningless when it comes the the game and taking one under pressure, BUT and its a big but Jesus should not last on the list on players taking them

    their is a big step for jesus to take in changing his style because i feel its sloppy ?? the run up and the stop step and side foot is giving the keeper half a chance, its the lack of power in the kick and if you don't hit it low and into one of the bottom corners then the keeper fill fancy it all day

    chelsea's jorginho is the same style as jesus but he picks the bottom corners and if you watch last night's pen he took he just rolls them in because the keeper can not get to it in time, that is the key to that style of pen low and bottom corner

    i will also say if VAR and the officials did their jobs proper jesus would have had another chance or should i say city and pep maybe would have let somebody else step up
  4. greasedupdeafguy


    14 Apr 2009
    Just let Ederson take them.
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  5. Thomas Hearns

    Thomas Hearns

    13 Jan 2018
    I agree totally with your point about our conversion rate. Sergio aside our finishing is woeful, chance after chance spurned with powderpuff shots hit with a lack of conviction.

    I don’t understand how men who are mentally tough enough to win 14 games on the bounce under unbelievable pressure to win the league can’t step up to convert a penalty with the odds hugely in their favour. What the fuck is wrong with em ?
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    9 May 2010
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    The best penalty taker is Gundogan, so when he is in the team it should be him. When Gundogan is not playing it should be KDB
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  8. Blue Feather

    Blue Feather

    10 May 2013
    Gundog, KDB and....Eddie! but then I always thought Kolarov and then when he took one...….
  9. Bluster


    12 May 2013
    I haven’t seen a worse penalty than the Atlanta penalty ever. It was worse than Diana Ross’ in the 94 World Cup. It was 2 metres wide and if it had been on target, the keeper would have had time to dive the wrong way, get up and walk back the other way to stop the ball. It was embarrassing.

    sorry meant to quote you saying last night’s miss was worse than Atlanta. I agree last night’s was dreadful too though.

    what’s worse is that I expected it both times.
  10. racecar


    1 Sep 2014
    I know that times have changed but I remember watching Chilavert and Rogelio Ceni bang them in from free kicks and penalties when I was growing up.

    If Ederson is good enough then surely it’s a risk worth taking? Puts us in a difficult position if he misses but I reckon he’d have enough time to get back unless the opposition keeper caught the shot and started a counter attack immediately or if we were playing away.

    If it was off target and we were playing at home it wouldn’t be an issue anyway, as the ball boys or fans or whoever could hold onto the ball for a bit to give Eddie time to get back. Although if we were playing away it would put us in a difficult position.

    If it was parried and there were onrushing City players trying to get on the rebound then surely as a defender your main priority would be to get the ball away rather than turn around and start a counter attack given how exposed you are in that situation. Then once it’s out of touch it’s our ball anyway.

    I’ve put way too much thought into this...
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