Pep Guardiola - 2019/20 Performances

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23 Oct 2010
I've long thought that Pep needs a Director of Football who'll challenge him robustly after nights like tonight. Creative tension if you like, where the coach has to justify his decisions or be told he was wrong in no uncertain terms. I don't think it works when the DoF is your mate. I wonder how much 'groupthink' there is among the coaching team.

Would agree with this. Kind of like a soft parent letting their child get away with things time and time again as they blindly believe in them 100%.

Maybe Khaldoon should tell Tixxi that his job depends on winning the Champions League next year who will in turn put pressure on Pep.

I doubt they would be spending £120m on Cancelo and Rodri then.

Mike N

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26 May 2004
Pep left Rodri on the pitch for 85 minutes tonight. He’d been awful and we needed pace and creativity, which we had on the bench.

Pep made many mistakes tonight. Nights like this happen but he’s managed to do this for three years in the Champions League. Why isn’t anyone having a word about his fear of the opposition?


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20 Mar 2011
These CL knockout stage losses are really embarassing for him personally too imo. For City as well but for him too.

He had a huge reputation in CL, which got a bit lower t Bayern with not winning it there but still he delivered 3 semi finals in a row with them with 3 league titles of course.

And before that at barca he had 2 won finals and 1 lost semis. Thats where his CL reputation came from.

Before City in 6 years:
6 semifinals, 4 lost, 2 times in final and that two times he delivered the trophy.

At City in 4 years:
1 x 1/8 finals, lost to Monaco.
3x quarter finals, lost to Pool, Tottenham, Lyon.

The teams he lost against in semis at Barca and Bayern were much stronger then the set of clubs he lost against at City in earlier rounds.

The only clubs we beat in knockout stages were Schalke, Basel and now Real. This Real tie was his best ever with City in terms of eliminating a strong club.
Only to go have a week of preparation for Lyon and lose 1-3.

If he had not won the PL 2x in last 3 seasons I think he would be fired by now.

and this thing he needs to spend maybe 200-300m to make City a CL favourite is bullshit. Lepzig and Lyon are not favourites but can get to CL semis. with a bit of luck they can get to final. Same with Ajax and Spurs last year.

Why we need to spend another 200m to do the same.


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10 Nov 2008
I think other clubs might sack a manager for a season like this ending with tonight’s result especially given the investment. I’m not saying he should be sacked but saying other clubs would. The big question is will he extend his contract if not should he be allowed to buy 5 players as is being touted who may not be the type of player our next manager wants. I think Pep should declare his intentions re: extending.


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15 Aug 2020
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Manchester City
Sorry guys, we didn't lose because of Pep. Forget corrupt the CL, UEFA's wanted revenge, and they got it. Let's focus on winning PL and support the team when they need most.
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