Pep Guardiola - 2021/22 Performances


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19 Apr 2016
Brentford: no subs
Wolves: 2 subs
Villa: 1 sub (88th min)
West Ham: 1 sub (87th min)
PSG: 1 sub
Liverpool: 1 sub

In games where its tight (drawing/1 goal up) it seems he prefers to trust the guys on the pitch, even if they seem leggy, than to make changes and bring on fresh legs. Even some of the subs he's made in these games feel a bit more like killing time rather than for more tactical reasons.

Certainly working at present. Can't recall whether this is something he's always done, but feels more noticeable this season to me at least.


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10 Oct 2008
Will become the best of all time imo…

he has transformed English football and I just hope the impact of when he does leave isn’t on the pisscans level, astonishingly manager/coach who will be talked about long after we are all gone!
This for me is the piece that is too often ignored when the best manager argument is in full flow.

Klopp for example is a fantastic manager, but he is never going to change the face of football in this or any other country. I don’t see too many managers or teams trying to copy his style. He and others will come and go and people will look back in years to come and say what a good manager he/they were. What we won’t see is a long-lasting legacy of their style impacting the English game.

With Pep it is completely different. Not only is he ridiculously successful but the Prem and other leagues are now filled with Pep-lite managers/clubs. Where even relegation fodder are trying to pass the ball out from the back and calamity keepers trying to be Eddie.

Pep isn’t just one of your run-of-the-mill successful managers, he is a revolutionary, a maverick, a complete and utter football genius who is on a completely different level from any manager I have ever seen. His Barca side was IMO the best football team ever, and he has come to England (where many “experts” said, he couldn’t do it) and made us the best football side this country has ever witnessed. People love to knock him and suggest the likes of Klopp and others are better managers because they win trophies with a lower net spend. It’s fucking nonsense, you don’t achieve what he has because you have had money to spend, you do it because you are an absolute freak of nature.


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18 Jan 2009
His BBC interview on their website is really good imo. I don’t know if this is just to protect the players as he always does in the press, but he basically said in response to “not the best performance today, but 3 points” that it was actually the perfect performance. That we cannot play a fast game against Brentford as it allows them to counter and win more free kicks, then they can really hurt us.

I don’t agree that the performance was “perfect”, far from it, but it’s reassuring ahead of the Arsenal game that the slow approach v Brentford was by design and we can hopefully up the tempo again v Arsenal.

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