Pep sending a message?


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23 Nov 2010
Apologies if this had already been posted somewhere.

Pep Guardiola: "It’s not about rest here. I saw KDB a little bit exhausted mentally [last week]. But right now I use the players who are in better conditions or more focused. If the players think they have been rested because I am rotating, they have made a big mistake..."

I put in every game the best players, sometimes for the benefit of the team, sometimes because of injuries, but especially the players who play well. It’s not about the players who believe, 'I deserve to start because I have been here for three or four years'."

It doesn’t matter if you have won a lot of titles in the past or you score a lot of goals — you have to show it on the pitch in the recent past, in the present and especially in the future."

Brilliant, this is the Pep of old, no favouritism or softness, perform or you're out.


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27 Aug 2010
Hardly a risk at that point, better than using someone we might need.
I know, my comment was a little tongue in cheek.

Could of brought one of the youngsters off the bench to give them a run out and a bit of experience.



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18 Jan 2009
These are the most encouraging Pep quotes for such a long time. This feels like a big change of approach. For how many consecutive interviews have we heard “we need all the players, the schedule is so demanding and everyone will play.” This new quote rips up that previous answer. I am very encouraged by it. I’m hoping Pep is back! The nice guy approach doesn’t work with this team. It can only be cosy for so long before you become Wenger’s Arsenal (later years). Let’s halt that transformation. Go on Pep!


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13 Dec 2016
not at CAS
Great, until he picks players who have been below par in recent weeks just because they "train well", play people who play well and not just in a stat boosting home game v Burnley.

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