Pep signs new deal until 2023!


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2 Feb 2009
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I was really excited to hear the news today but having had a scan through the Ragcafe "Pep sackwatch" thread i am having second thoughts.

I hadn't realised that on top of his salary we we also paying him huge off the books payments doubling his reported salary, apparently it's not just him either but all of our players. That why we never lose any of our top players. On top of this we are going to be paying Messi over £750k a week to sit on the bench and spend another £150 million in January again. I just hope a Governing body such as Uefa never go through our books to find this clear fraud, we would be in the shit bigtime as even if we appealed it would go to an independant body like CAS who would surely find us guilty as charged.

Sad day for us blues.

Blue Theatre

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14 Feb 2011
Brilliant news !

He / the club can plan for the future with confidence now.

And it means Pep genuinely does enjoy being at City ... more it seems than he did at Barca or Bayern.


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14 Aug 2020
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I was absolutely over the moon when I heard the news and that it is for two years! But when I heard him explaining why he was extending I was gobsmacked - the best manager in the world, probably ever, was explaining how happy he is in our city, how much he enjoys working at the club and with everyone at it and how he longs for the Etihad to be full of City fans again ... This was Pep Guardiola talking about the club of Peter Swales and a different manage a month! What a team we have in place - watch out everyone else!

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