Pep signs new deal until 2023!


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30 Jun 2019
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We haven't seen the best of Pep IMO, when he sorts his arse out we'll be firing on all cylinders again is short order.


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20 Mar 2011
He knows in CL he has to deliver big, it is his 5th year with us in CL and he could not reach or even top our best ever CL run which was done by Pellegrini when we reached the semis and lost to the winner of CL that year only.

In last 4 years we lost vs Monaco, Liverpool, Spurs, Lyon with Pep, none of them won the CL in that season.

The very reason Pep was brought in to give us that extra in the CL which we were missing under Mancini and Pelle, for whatever reason he did not gave us that in last 4 years, maybe this season?

It is just hard to see as when our league form and our pressing was top class like in 2017-2018 we could not do it then now when our pressing is ineffective, many of the players feel like jaded, tired and old already in November, and then the magic Pep tinkering in huge CL games in knockout games that usually backfires every time...

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29 Apr 2015
Sadly we could've done with Sancho playing for us. I hope I don't have to say that about Foden. I also think Doyle will bring more to that DM position than Rodri. Palmer seems like a very intelligent player. Delap is apparently the 'real deal' and Braaf is supposed to be the next Sane.

The profit we've made from previous academy prospects was because they were not up to our standards. I think after the Bournemouth game Pep said he finally has academy prospects:

Pep Guardiola said: "When we arrived [in 2016], we had Jadon Sancho, Phil Foden - there were good players, But right now, we have a good generation. Taylor, Tommy Doyle, Cole, Felix Nmecha, Braaf, Delap - there are six, seven interesting players – James McAtee, too!"

Which means he is planning to play them.
Name checking some kids and saying they’re good does not mean he’s planning to play them.


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18 Aug 2009
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To an extent we have an unprecedented problem with the same number of games in less time and zero preparation / rest so then why not use the squad to its full? We haven't done that. KDB is in the worst form of his career and should have been taken out of the team before now.
Exactly. And Pep is blowing hot air carping on about wanting 5 subs per game yet he seldom uses 3. Baffling: /

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