Pep signs new deal until 2023!


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15 Apr 2009
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Yeah things are not going perfectly well at the minute, and Pep has to take some responsibility for that, but if any manager in our history has the reputation, historical success and done enough during his time at City, the opportunity to put things right its this man.

8/9 games wont change the fact we have one of the top, if not the top, coach in the world. If I had to back one man to turn it around
it’s this man.

Shows how fickle some people can be, knocking the bloke after lauding him so much over the last couple of years.

Exactly what happened


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1 Jan 2010
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There is a purge coming. Rodri, Mahrez, Mendy and Bernardo are goners next summer.

A decision on Sergio won't be made until next May.

Pep wants to rip it up and start again, with the full support of Khaldoon.

There is a train of thought that only Mendy will be difficult to do some proper horse-trading on.

what !?


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1 Aug 2019
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Pep is doing fine. Same with most of our players. Apparently, some of the negative posts have been heavily influenced by the crap that other fans and media spout about our manager and our players.

In terms of the ratio of created and conceded chances (and thus of expected points - xPTS), Pep's City have outperformed any team in the league since 2016, including "bad" seasons like 16/17 and 19/20. Any season under Pep, City could/should have won 85+ pts. No other team in that period was close to 85 xPTS except Liverpool in 18/19 (which was their strongest season as their points total in 19/20 was a total anomaly: + 25 pts above their xPTS).

I know that many are not fans of xG and stuff like that, but such statistical models are often more objective and predictive about long-term tendencies than the subjective perceptions and opinions of fans and pundits.


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1 May 2008
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I want to publicly apologise to Pep and certain members of the forum with whom i have argued that Pep's time was up.

I am so pleased to say I WAS WRONG.

The transformation of the team in recent weeks has been brilliant and this is clearly all Pep's doing.
Blimey! Does this mean I have to apologise to everybody I argued with when I said Wilfried Bony was an excellent signing?


16 Jul 2020
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Posted this after the Tottenham game...

We've been the better team in every game we've played this season.

It's only a matter of time until we knock another 20 game winning streak together.

Not quite there yet but it's inevitable.

This lot can kiss my face!

I am usually a city optimist to the most deluded level but I can’t buy into anything you have written. You either haven’t watched us this season or are tacking the piss.

how do you win 20 on the bounce when our goal haul is similar to what it was under Pearce?

I would change your username to iverhadatoomuchacider


Piss poor wumming effort 3/10 tops.

Nice wumming attempt. I have more chance of knocking Jennifer Lawrence than us knocking a 20 game winning streak on current form.

I'm not sure where your confidence comes from - we may have had a lot of the ball yesterday but we were playing the game that Mourinho wanted us to play.

He must have been laughing his cock off that we rocked up and performed exactly how he will have been drilling his players in preparation.

We are painfully predictable and pedestrian - blame whatever you want for it but we are not very effective as a unit at all...............

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