Pep's contract situation

I would be amazed if the rumours of Tixki are true, even more so with Omar going to the rags.

If he had any idea the little fella was leaving he would not have gone to the dark side.
Oh do fuck off.

This week has been an absolute shit show from the press, it's embarrassing these pricks get a wage for the absolute tripe we have to put up with day in and day out.

We get it, they don't want pep at City as he is the fuckin Don, and is making the housewives favourites, the red cartel cunts and them cockney shitheads spurs, look rather amateurish.

The only thing we haven't had is a petition to get pep out, but don't hold your breath as them smelly twats down the east lancs might be preparing one as "it's not fair" and "We're making a mockery of football".

No you fuckin imbeciles, you lot, despite being buttered up by every single sports outlet and media hack as the second coming, just aren't good enough and can't compete with or handle us, hence why bingo is off and the rags are on their 27th manager in 11 years.

Just wish everyone would leave us alone.
Bang on!

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