Periodontal Cleaning

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  1. ApacheUK


    30 May 2011
    I went through this about 3 months ago. It had to be done in 2 visits because they won't numb the whole of your mouth up so obviously do one side each visit. It's about 4-5 injections upper then same again lower, when they injected the front the first time it felt like the needle was going through my nose....certainly makes the eyes water. 2nd visit she put numbing cream on a pad and placed it behind upper lip for a few minutes, didn't feel the needle that time so ask if you can have that done prior to injection. Once numbed, the deep clean wasn't a problem, never felt any pain.

    Hope that helps :)
  2. nimrod


    24 Dec 2006
    Down Under
    Cheers for that pal, makes sense.

    In typical BM fashion within this thread Im a weirdo Sex pest with Alzheimer's
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    8 Mar 2010
    I've had this done in the past...and I'll no doubt need it again soon. Didn't know about the numbing cream but will certainly ask. 2 visits for me too...felt a bit drowsy afterwards.
    Had an injection in my hip socket last year (labral tear) lasted 15 mins as it was injecting dye in order for the MRI to pick up the tear...the guy couldn't quite get the right spot (and he had that slightly panicked look which didn't help...called in the surgeon and eventually got the point. Basically a 15 min injection in the hip/groin area (decided not to operate at this stage).
    I was told to floss every day...I do wish I'd not taken the piss out of the yanks and their teeth over the years...they got it right on this. I'm now thinking of getting braces. I look after every other part of my body (and mind) these days, seems daft to neglect the thing most people look at when you elfin talk.
    I'd happily drop several grand on screw ins one day and have done...

    Good's far worse than it sounds.
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