Peter Kay, Opening Night at Coop Live Arena. Excellent ticket at Face Value


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19 Apr 2024
Peter Kay Fans....Anybody want 1 ticket to the very first night at the Coop Live Arena, right next to the Etihad to see the man himself??

Tuesday 23rd April 2024 at 7:30pm

Ticket at Face Value, and is in a brilliant location, immediately next to the stage in Block 114, which is as close to the stage as you can get from the bowl seating.

The ticket is listed on Ticketmaster via this link, so it will allow you to buy it at face value and transfer it to yourself by email or in to you Wallet etc..

Should be a very special night, as it is the very opening night of the new Arena - so a bit of history too, to say "I was there"

The link to purchase the ticket directly via Ticketmaster is:



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