PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

"..the PL are just making it up as they go along.."

Nailed it in one sentence.

Can you imagine the Premier League in court, some overweight prick in a cheap suit representing them, just pointing over to our representatives shouting they're guilty, it's them, they've fiddled books, they've ran out of chips, their grass is too long, arrest them arrest them.

The Premier League, as I've said before, have got absolutely nothing on us, not one iota of evidence. And like I've said a million times, I'll hold my hands up and say yeah it's a fair cop when I turn my TV on and see HMRC and the fraud squad leaving our premises with files, hard drives, pc's, paperwork and anything else that shows us committing fraud, until then I shall sit back, relax and continue to be entertained by rival fans suddenly turning into lawyers and sports finance analysts.

Crack on.
The PL’s lawyer is THE leading sports KC. He doesnt wear cheap suits.
I thought the bus was found in the North Pole and a WW2 Bomber found on the moon?
I remember my sister telling me about the killer bees that had been developed by the Nazi's and which had hatched and were heading for the UK
That I don't know bud, I'm aware they've changed the rules and the wording around everything which seems to give them carte blanche to ask for anything & everything and expect the clubs to hand over stuff that hasn't been asked for even. Who needs a kangaroo court when the rules state that you have to convict yourself?
With this in mind, it's interesting to note that with reference to Everton's latest case the IC rejected the PL's accusation that Everton hadn't co-operated. The impression I get with our case is that City have co-operated a lot more than we did with UEFA. For a start, we would've surely handed over all our evidence that served us so well at CAS plus, and granted I'm guessing here, plenty of stuff to do with the other charges.

The PL clearly took the piss throwing that non co-operation charge at Everton for the IC to reject it quite emphatically so it wouldn't surprise me if they've done the same with us.
Regarding all the 'what about City' comments this is the best analogy of what is going on that I have seen. A bloke admitting he was drink driving and speeding, going to court and being banned but then moaning that the guy arrested at the same time as him for murder who pleaded not guilty hasn't even had a court date.

Edited for you

the guy arrested at the same time as him for serial killing despite no missing persons being filed & no bodies found has pleaded not guilty & refuses to tell the police who they’ve killed hasn't even had a court date.
No, but if his post is accurate, how can the PL being considering the extent of the punishment before the alleged breaches have even been heard ? Cart before the horse and all that...
The wheels fell off the cart miles ago and the horse is lame and heading to the knacker !!
The PL’s lawyer is THE leading sports KC. He doesnt wear cheap suits.
I havent but he seems to be just spouting shit for clicks. And I think he's caught onto the City hatred gravy train. But he so obvioously hates City. And Newcastle. He's one of those reporters that pokes the fanbase then cries when they bite back.

His profile pictures are different people. His older tweets are signed Tony. Whatever he may be he certainly isn’t a credible journalist.

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