Pochettino sacked by Spurs


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22 Apr 2012
He wont get any spends off levy, he'll have to make do with what he's got
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7 Nov 2010
Levy v Mourinho
I give it 6 months maximum

And by the way where’s the outcry at sacking a manager with a replacement already in mind (or does that just apply to us!)


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5 Jan 2008
Mourinho, Levy, Spurs and their fans

A marriage made in hell

Would not be surprised if he's gone before the season finishes


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17 Feb 2011
Toronto, bye bye blighty
Team supported
Tottenham Hotspur
I wish i was 18 ha,i'm pushin 60! i'm not and never have said you should be keeping pace with us,it's pep so it's ni on impossible so leaving that aside,i've been saying to you that we were you and you need a **** like bobby to come in and shake the whole club up to take you foward,poch saying he is not interested in winning the cups as he can't see the advantage in it is frankly shocking,you should always do your best and have a fire in your belly,he has been cosetted in the media and allowed to get comfy,he needed to go for your own sake
You can't spend a year telling me how fantastic your team is an ignore smaller clubs winning silverwear,i hope you get the right manager to kick you on but i'm not sure levy would employ the sort of manager that would do that
I hate some of your protected players who tried to break our legs 2 games running,no apologies for that
People said we needed shaking up when AVB came, Ramos came (both won Europe)
Be interesting to see how Spurs fans take the news, with his links to Chelsea. Not as badly as George Graham being appointed but would imagine some will not accept. Missus is fuming about it
Throw in the turgid style of football he plays and the extorsionate wages he commands. Surely this has to be a wind up?


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7 Nov 2010
With the players they’ve had, this Spurs side should have won something under Pochettino - the League Cup if nothing else. They have been perennial bottlers: came 3rd in a two-horse race when Leicester won the Premiership and even lost an FA Cup semi-final - from a winning position - against a poor Rags team. Ok, he played good, high-tempo attacking football and achieved CL qualification in 4/5 of the seasons he was in charge and (very luckily!) reached the final in that competition last season. But to those fawning fans of his in the media who are trotting out the old ‘he was a victim of his own success’ line tonight, I say a loud and clear ‘bollocks!’. Success? He won fuck all!

And by the way, Levy is a c***t!

Looking forward to Jose v Levy, all the little digs in the press and the dressing room revolt. He will have a hell of a job replacing 3 of their most important players in about 6 month as well with about £20 in his pocket.

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