Points to win the League

How many points will be needed to win the league?

  • 86 - 90

    Votes: 245 29.1%
  • 81 - 85

    Votes: 450 53.4%
  • 76 - 80

    Votes: 130 15.4%
  • 70 - 75

    Votes: 18 2.1%

  • Total voters
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Well-Known Member
13 Dec 2013
Looks like it could be a low one this season with plenty capable of taking points off eachother, the schedule, injuries etc?

Personally, I think it will still get to 82-88.

A run of 5-6 wins on the spin would probably put someone clear at the top.

What do you think?


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12 Sep 2012
I reckon any club finishing with over 80 points is going to take some beating. Everyone is dropping points already. Injuries will get worse further into the season.


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20 Mar 2011
Deffo less than 90 and above 80.

Whoever wins it wont be 10 points + clear on the 2nd.

We need a huge run in December, especially on away games like United, Everton, Soton. These are all capable of beating us if they sit back, defend deep and well and hit us on the counter and score 2 goals from 3 chances while we have 20 shots each game with 0-1 goal.


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26 Jul 2005
@mcfc_lw / liamwright1987.blogspot.co.uk
I said this to my my mates after the Spurs defeat - the last few seasons have skewed the reality of what it normally takes to win the Premier League, I think just as important as focusing on a points tally is putting together a winning run. It strengthens our mentality and the momentum will make the others choke in games where they should win. We saw that last year with City due to Liverpool's winning run and during the 100 points season our momentum broke United. Both of these seasons had 18 wins on the spin, which for me is not achievable in this current climate.

I know this probably sounds ridiculous only a week after losing to Spurs but I genuinely think that if we could win our next 8 games on the spin then we'd win the title. For that matter, if Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool or Spurs were to win their next 8 games I think that would do it. I think our points tally last season would probably be enough to win the league this season.


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30 Oct 2008
In the cooler
If we get to averaging over 2 points a game by new year we have a chance. Finish above candlepool and you win it.

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