Police aggression towards football fans

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Ric, 8 Feb 2020.

  1. Blue tube

    Blue tube

    24 Apr 2017
    To all the people that have reply to my posts (there were quite a few) I’ve not been able to get on all week for some reason.

    melt me just say that the “I don’t think it’s that bad” bit referred to what I said about I think the police should be able “to crack a few skulls” not the video, which I said the copper had gone well over the top. The cracking skulls bit was more “the police should be able to dish out a few slaps”, I hadn’t been able to watch the video at that point so didn’t see a lad get his skull cracked, I’ve obviously chosen the wrong words and wound a few on here up. I do genuinely believe the police should be able to give a slap to someone who deserves it, not brain someone who’s walking past or whatever.

    Crucify away

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