Pre-Season US Tour

Father Paul

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18 Jun 2015
Going to be hard going in the USA with the squad we have.

Dortmund, Scouser's and Munich are hard fixtures at the best of times!
Just a get fit exercise with the bonus of making a few bob while your at it. Serious action starts at the Gooners, half serious stuff the week before.
The large number of youngsters on tour this year makes it all a bit more interesting as impressive performances may give one or two of them the chance of a first team squad place which can result in a breakthrough remember Rashford ( although has gone back to being a squad man) at the Rags a couple of years back.


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13 Nov 2008
GIF heaven
Where is Philippe Sandler? Did we actually sign him?
I checked his Instagram the other day and only thing I figured out is he had some kind of surgery after the season. Did a google search based off of that to get more details and I found nothing. So it's possible he is still recovering from whatever operation he had.

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