Premier League Games 11/12/13 Sept 21


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18 Mar 2015
The tackle was from behind and spiteful
You could say the same about Struijk's tackle today, and you probably would have if it had been Foden in Elliot's position. There aren't half some angry, blinkered idiots on here.

Both incidents are basically the same. A cynical tackle comes in slightly from behind and ends up going very horribly wrong for the innocent party. Legs end up broken completely by accident.

And yet both players were sent off despite the tackles themselves being worthy of yellows because the severity of the injury made them special cases.


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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
Exactly how i see him but loads of fans ( not just dippers) think he's brilliant.
I've had a few people tell me " if you don't rate Henderson then you don't understand football".
I just don't see it with him
If a player was rated by shouting , pointing and running around a lot he would be world class, people who understand football know he is shite ,and that Thiago is another prize wanker , Klippety signed him and changed their Wimbledon style of football to accomodate him, he looks good on the ball but creates absolutely f*ck all.
99% of the Dippers goals come from their full backs , long balls and pouncing on opposition players mistakes , they have zero finesse or creation in the team and are awful to watch, you only have to take their centre half out of the team and the whole team folds like a cheap suit.

Lavinda Past

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21 Feb 2012
Like you really care where I am. Fuck you Kyle.
Genuinely embarrassed for you writing that shite. Take your social media algorithm shit back to twitter/facebook.
Wasn't even a foul. Lad got hurt by accident. Look at the replay available on here, it's a nothing challenge that doesn't show anything we haven't all seen before.
Sky and Co are scared of complaints from people who know nothing about the physicality of the game.

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