Premier League games 12/13/14 January


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23 Nov 2010
That was genuinely one of the worst games I’ve watched in a long time.

It was truly dreadful. Devoid of skill, ideas, imagination, anything really. It was the football equivalent of being stuck in a hospital waiting room on your own, with no wi fi connection and no windows and your appointment is late. Fucking misery.


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23 Sep 2010
played far to slow here arsenal

That was their problem. There was one point near the end when Palace were attacking and then lost the ball. They had four men out of the game so only 6 in front of maybe 7/8 Arsenal players. The Arsenal defender stopped and played a five yard pass sideways. The possibility ended right there as within 5 seconds palace had all 10 behind the ball. Quick transition is key in these games and that’s why it may be better playing Fern rather than Rodri

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