Premier League Games 15/16/17/19 May '22


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15 Jul 2015
I don't think he's match fixing, I think Southampton really are that shite.
I agree they are not very good and probably would have lost anyway. However, aren't their managers comments before the game about how they are going to approach the game and the resting of numerous key players, as well as the lack of pressing against an understrength Liverpool at odds with each other? That is a bit strange to me.

balotelli's back pocket

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12 Jan 2016
The difference in effort Villa put in on Sunday and Saints tonight will be poles apart
Considering Villa are playing on Thursday night, I doubt it. They'll either be tired or weakened.

Villa gave Liverpool a really good game last week, I really don't get this whole Gerrard-Liverpool conspiracy thing. He'll want to get a result like any manager, and of course it's added motivation, but it's not like he's going to play the u18s against Burnley to keep his players well rested.

I can't imagine Villa, or indeed Leeds or Everton would be too impressed if he threw their last home game of the season in favour of helping his old club.

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