Premier League Games 15/16/17/19 May '22


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19 Nov 2008
93:20 May 13th 2012
Only posted cos someone in the pub just asked me exactly the same question.
Can't point the finger at anybody, If we were to do that we would be here all night debating it.
Do we blame Bernardo for trying to be clever rounding the keeper at Palace instead of tapping it in?
Zinchenko for playing Bowen onside on Sunday?
The officials at Anfield for not sending Milner off?
The officials at St.Mary's for not awarding a penalty and not giving a red card?
Mahrez for his missed chance at home to Liverpool at the end?
Poor defending at home to Tottenham?

Could go on all night, That's football. Players miss penalties it's part and parcel of the game. Absolutely no finger pointing needs to happen, The players have been incredible all season and the last 4/5 years. Sunday is a new day, Let's go get the job done and that finger pointing question won't even exist.


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22 May 2004
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If, and BIG if it all goes tits up Sunday.

Where will everyone point the finger?

For me Mahrez missed Penalty against West Ham.

Won't get a more better/easier chance to win the league.
If it does ALL our players gave it everything. They will learn and I'd put a tenner on us winning 5 trophies next season.


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5 Jan 2008
All the talk of corruption is building more and more momentum on social media. The Premier League made a tweet to ask who will win on Sunday and the first reply was " you tell us, you scripted it". That was followed by comment after comment about corruption. There was a photo of Mark Halsey talking about match fixing and how he has been told before to say that he hasn't seen something when he has. I think this all happened after the incident between Winston Reid after he jumped on Sergio Agueros back. The referee had an unobstructed view and then later I think it was claimed that he hadn't seen it. I think Gary Neville inquired on social media but then it all went very quiet.Whatever happened to retrospective action? Is that something else that was conveniently forgotten about , like " simulation "as some teams benefit significantly more than others?
If it was all fixed to take it to the last day, how do you explain VAR giving us that penalty on Sunday?

that goes in and it would now be as good as done

it seems to me that those that scream corruption only see what they want to see

I do believe that the PL, Sky and the media would prefer the dippers to win it.. but to claim it’s rigged is just not true

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