Premier League Games 17/18/19 September


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4 Nov 2010
This Chelsea side are solid but will draw a LOT of games.. imo they won’t put in a long winning run like us or Liverpool could. They aren’t much fun to watch either. Just functional.. if either ourselves or Liverpool have a good season I’m not sure they will be able to keep up but if we both have inconsistencies throughout the season I could see them winning the league. I think they are the most easy team to predict a points total for... 85-90 points.

Definitely capable of winning it but not if us or dippers hit top form.


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27 May 2004
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It wasn't the point. The club wasn't prepared to pay his monthly salary and smash the wage structure in the dressing room to pieces. Quite right, too. As for on the pitch: Ronaldo would have worked for us, as he will for United. But he is a short-term fix — something that United have been sucked into since we won our first PL title, and something which we generally avoid. Like the People's Republic of China, we plan for the medium to long term.
Kane would have been great for four or even five years. £150,000,000 would have been ridiculous. But actually I think that was just Levy's way of saying he wasn't going to let him go at all. Kane backed himself into a corner with a stupid contract. I very much regret his absence, but not Ronaldo's.
Kane, though, will regret his not wearing a sky-blue shirt more than I will.
there were plenty saying he was past it (esp after he signed for utd) - clearly he isnt

Never wanted Kane......just not worth it..But Ronaldo on the pitch for us would have been worth it regardless of wages...increased advertising revenue, shirt sales, a pleayer with true world wide appeal (unlike Kane) who wins you games as an individual as well as part of a team

I agree onthe last bit - Kane will regret it....

We will potentially regret not getting a goal scorer in and Ronaldo puts the ball in the onion bag with great consistency

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