Premier League Games 17/18/19 September


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8 Jul 2015
They will draw a lot though. Good bet for the title, however if either us or pool hit top flight.. we are capable of winning 15-20 games on the bounce. Chelsea will solidly put numbers up but will drop 2/3 points every 5 or so games. They will be efficient but not spectacular. Winning the league will be down to others not playing to their potential imo.
Now they have a top striker I don’t think Chelsea will drop the silly points like they did last season. Once it became clear we weren’t getting a striker in my mind Chelsea where favourite. They have the best squad imo


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15 Jul 2010
Sunny Crumpsall
Why is it every season when another team look good we get posters insinuating they are on peds. Chelsea are a top side with a fantastic manager. No more no less

I wasn’t accusing them of anything I was offering up other reasons so calm down.

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