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13 Aug 2010
I still can’t believe that Salah handball isn’t called. The whole point of a handball rule is to prevent players from gaining an advantage by using their hands. There’s no way to score if he doesn’t handle it. Any semi honest attacker on any pitch in the world calls that on themself in pickup
Over here in the states they explained it by saying the handball didn’t gain salah an advantage to score the goal. What exactly is the rule, that it can’t gain the team an advantage or just the player who handles the ball?

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1 Sep 2016
Great Britain, Greater Manchester
So what’s this new law they’re beating on about?

do what you want as long as you don’t assist? Fucking laughable these cunts
It’s only hand ball if it’s deliberate (in any situation), or if it goes straight in off his hand accidentally, or he kicks it in after it hit his hand accidentally.

Last season, it was also handball if he assisted a goal straight after it his his arm accidentally.

In Salah’s situation today, it’s not handball.


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28 Aug 2005
spit the dog carragher talking about the rules of handball ? saying its not handball then saying if mane scores from it then its handball because of the 2nd phase rule ? what a load of bollocks

its handball with gaining advantage to a goal simple VAR and sky panel making up the rules again

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