Premier League Games 21/22/23 January '22

Semper aggressus

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19 Sep 2019
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Manchester City
Trying hard to make PL competitive - instructions are do whatever it takes, give penalties/ red cards to make sure the result helps close the gap.

The club should call this out, at Khaldoon’s level, with video examples of various rag and scouse offside goals allowed, players not being sent off agains us and City players getting cards for one slight foul.

Get the evidence out there and ask the PL, why are these decisions always favouring our rivals, is it to keep the league competitive?

Even if they deny it, which they will, it hold at least let them know they’ve been rumbled and might reduce it so as not to be so blatant.

As a club we shouldn’t just take it that the dippers are treated differently to us in an attempt to even up the league.


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25 Jan 2009
Blue Moon
Well we have referees giving us nowt and the scousers an helping hand all season now!

All our tight games we will get fuck all we all now that it’s corruption cheating!

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