Premier League Games 25/26/27 Sept

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28 Jul 2013
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Don't worry, I'll still pick you for next week's team as the £73 million pound player we stole off Dortmund is fkin cack..!

Get your fkin hands off me you fkin, clueless loser..!

"What's that Alex ?, wring his fkin neck"


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30 Oct 2016
They could have won, Brentford, that's the funny part. On the other hand, they did everything possible to lose, unbelievable naivety. So I'll accept the draw...

Technical weaknesses nearly cost the match to the home team, but I would be more than happy to see them playing with the same naivety against City. As for Liverpool, no comment on that prick Robertson, VVD objecting to Brentford's equalizer (wtf?) or that diving **** Mane (who would be perfect for another sport I have in mind) etc etc etc. No comment on Klopp either, there is no point -and it's becoming rather tiring...

I've said it again and again, Pep's generosity, his team's approach regarding fair play, seem totally naive, the world operates in a different manner. Chelsea's players were constantly complaining throughout the 90 minutes today. They knew what they were doing, even if there was literally nothing to complain about. While Rudiger's behavior once again appeared as some kind of a norm, finally receiving a yellow on 84' (!). No fucking decency at all...

Not complaining, I'll take City's approach every day of the week and twice on Sunday. To me, the morality of the game, every game, is more important than the quality of the performance itself. It's what defines sports, otherwise we're talking about something else...

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