Premier League games 27/28/29/30 November


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25 Feb 2015
I didn't enjoy Greenish last night. It seems some of our fans who constantly berate the divers and foul buyers would welcome one, because he is a decent footballer.
To be a great footballer he needs to stay on his feet and trust his ability, instead of winning cheap free kicks.
Well to be a great player you can still be a donkey and win why not like other divers,
Jordan Henderson, who won the Football Writers' Association's player of the year award,


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22 May 2004
Land of Make Believe
Never mentioned Sterling. If the suggestion is Sterling goes down easily then yes he has done in the past but I think he's taken that out of his game mostly. Grealish is marmite. Some would love him at City some wouldn't
His ego wouldn't fit at city. We play as a team not as a cornucopia of cunts. Rags would suit him and his personality a lot better.

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