Premier League to restart on Wednesday June 17th

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by domalino, 28 May 2020.

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    28 Aug 2005
    playing behind closed doors in the champions will the city players boo the anthem for us city fans sat at home watching
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    5 Nov 2013
    A reliable antibody test is the only way of determining whether someone has immunity. The antigen test that you cited are firstly not reliable and secondly pretty useless when conducted only twice a week since someone could test negative today but contract the disease tomorrow. The Premier League may be doing antigen tests - which is the very reason that their re-start plan does not pass medical muster. That fairly simple point seems to go right over your head.

    Your posts consist of a mix of assertions based on no evidence (e.g. daily testing) or sources with no independent medical backing (e.g. CEO of a for-profit company). Along with abuse of anyone who calls you out on these nonsensical claims. You should try doing some proper research rather than trolling the site and gratuitously picking fights with everyone.
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    3 Dec 2013
    Ok I accept that there are official reporting differences between countries. However the powers that be have decided that its ok to play football in the UK when our average death rates although dropping are still above the highest daily death rate that were ever occurred in Germany. Bit bizzare
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    14 Aug 2011
  5. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    These posts are hilarious considering you very clearly thought the PL was doing antibody tests - which you whined about being inaccurate.

    You followed up being told that the Premier League wasn't using antibody tests by yet again posting about the lack of accuracy in antibody tests.

    The premier league is using the same quality of antigen test as the NHS. It's the same as the Bundesliga, and the odds of 2 false negatives in a week are 1 in 7000. Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction antigen testing is the process being used by every country and government in the world to test if people have coronavirus.

    You've not found any shred of evidence that the CEO of Prenetics is wrong about the accuracy of his tests, which is funny considering how stringent you are about other people's sourcing, but perhaps it's a mercy, because you'd likely just post another irrelevant statistic about the wrong type of test.
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    4 Dec 2017
    Response from the office of the chief constable of Merseyside -

    Merseyside police have thoroughly investigated the events of April 4th 2018 outside the Anfield Stadium when the team bus of Manchester City F.C. was driven erratically towards Liverpool fans arriving for that nights match. The bus was driven without headlights, these being faulty or broken, leaving the Liverpool fans with no alternative but to light flares to illuminate their retreat from the oncoming vehicle. Not only did the bus arrive with defective and broken headlights, but also badly maintained and cracked windows and several accident damaged bodywork panels. Merseyside police officers inspected the bus later that evening and assessed that the accident damage was obviously from previous occasions.
    In the opinion of the police officers in attendance the fans had acted commendably, responsibly and with common sense in deciding to attract the attention of the driver by gently lobbing objects at the bus to attract the driver's attention to the bus' poor condition. As a consequence, the bus operator will receive a summons for operating a defective vehicle. There being little doubt that Manchester City F.C. had acted irresponsibly in using such an unroadworthy vehicle and should have checked it's condition before departing Manchester.
    Merseyside police can report that many Liverpool supporters have been left traumatised by that evening's events. Many are now suffering from PTSD, frequently when shopping they forget to pay for goods. Some now resort to removing car wheels so that they no longer present a danger, such is their fear of vehicles. These unfortunate Liverpudlians reluctantly seek compensation for their mental state.
    Merseyside police are proud and privileged to serve and protect such an honourable community. As ever, the force's officers that evening acted with due diligence in assisting and protecting the Liverpool supporters as they prepared to greet the visiting team in their accustomed heartfelt and civilised manner.
    Merseyside police conclude that the disturbing events were entirely the result of an act of wanton disregard for public safety by Manchester City F.C.
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    There is no way Liverpool can call themselves Genuine Champions with all this bollocks of more subs and neutral venues That Asterisk is going to be bigger than the Fucking Trophy
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    So we are still no nearer finding out who plays where. Correct me if I am wrong but at present all li'pools home matches will indeed be at home. 3, maybe 4 away matches will be at neutral venues. I really cant work that one out. Even the Merseyside derby at Goodison, it should be OK to play there if the cops feel they can control li'pools home matches.
    Then we have the phantom protest by unidentified people who may come to the Etihad when the Magpies come to play. Someone seems to think the protest that no one has heard about will not take place at a neutral venue but it would at the Etihad. Oh and when play the scousers it has to be at a neutral venue, now bearing in mind Merseyside cops trust them and have not moved their homes games, it must be us that will cause trouble !!

    What a crock of shit.
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    24 Sep 2008
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    Woohoo, two weeks to go until football returns to our lives. I can't wait.

    Oh hang on, yes I can. Preferably until players and staff stop testing positive on a daily basis.

    As for moving the matches, huh? Were told it is on local police advice, who have been asked to indentify any matches where risk is increased. Fair enough, but isn't that any match? And if we move it to another area doesn't it just pass along the problem? As for this protest thing, seems made up to me. Who is going to protest? Why at the Etihad? Are there facts we're not being told maybe?

    But don't worry, were told it's what we want and will make us all feel better. Medicine for the soul, just ignore the daily Covid-19 stats and focus on the football, the football, not around the football, look into the football.. you're going under... You will queue for McDonald's, you will restart your sky sports subscription, you will watch the football and forget all about the nasty virus...
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    The Black Shed

    9 Oct 2012
    Still champions, for a fortnight anyway. Can we make it to July....

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