Problem with 'new' fans


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5 May 2010
I fail to understand why there are so many people on this forum who are totally against so-called 'plastic' or 'new' fans switching their allegiance to City.
Maybe, just maybe some of these people have been looking for the right club to support, and for one reason or another, it doesn't happen to be their local one. Perhaps they now like City because we have the best-looking kit, maybe our renowned sense of humour as fans has attracted them. Or maybe they really are 'gloryhunters' and want to be associated with a (future) successful side.
Who f###in cares?
I was at Maine Road among crowds of fewer than 20,000 and yet our average gate is now 46,000. Doesn't that make us all 'gloryhunters'? Can't be arsed going to the game 'cos you know they're gonna lose again, yet we all go back when City are flying high in the table. I've been guilty of it as well.
What does it matter where these new fans come from? If they choose to follow my club, buy a replica shirt, go to the odd game, make sure more pubs in far-off lands show live City games when I'm holidaying there, then what's the problem?
Our club makes more money, raises its profile.
What's the first thing any Blue does when he moves away from Manc or goes on holiday abroad? We all try and convert the local population into becoming Blues.
And now there are people complaining about us having fans who don't come from the Manc area!
Or do we want to remain a closed shop? No new fans allowed unless they're from Manchester or born to current City fans. Why don't we ask for ID outside the stadium, or a passport? Sorry, your postcard doesn't begin with M, you need to take a tram to Stretford. Go and spend your money there, 'cos we don't want it!

Get real, Blues! We all want success (I know we don't want the type of fan NHL&YR attract) and won't achieve it with a 'League of Gentlemen - Are you local?' approach.

Open your arms and give a warm welcome to all who want to join the ride!!!

The Colonel

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10 Jul 2009
No problem with it at all as long as they are with us through thick and thin.


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20 Feb 2010
To be fair i think a lot of it is because existing fans have been through thin and thin to support city whereas the 'new' fans are clearly jumping on board for the 'good' times to come ...and will no doubt find another team to support when we are 'shit' and no longer 'the shit'.

i don't mind them though, if we are to grow in economic terms we need them.


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23 Oct 2010
As long as they get the club and what it is all about then a blue is a blue, i hope we attract thousands of them.

If they start calling us Man C and talk utter shite then i'd rather they weren't there.

The world is a much smaller place, as long as the club still cater for the local fans then we should open the doors to the world, not the other way round as we have seen at Old Trafford.


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14 Nov 2009
Dafuq is this shit
The problem with some people is they are so attached to Manchester City is Blue thing they forget people move and that people are born and influenced by what they see on Sky. I for 1 never lived in Manchester but my whole family is Manc and Blue. Now according to some as i dont have a manc accent im not allowed to call myself a supporter and have to be a fan

St Ives blue

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2 Jan 2011
I hold my hands up, I am guilty of being a 'glory supporter' after beginning by blue journey aged 6 after we won the League Cup in '76, and of course we've won f#@k all since!!

Living In Leicester I was determined to rebel against my local club and, yes, I prefered the sky blue over the dark blue.

It does irritate me when people question my validation to be a blue tho. I used to travel up to most home games with the Leiceser & Rugby branch of the supporters club in my teens, which takes a whole lot more effort (and cost) than walking to Maine Road from Moss Side.

Unfortunately don't get to so many games now, but I guess that's my fault for living in Cornwall !!

Didsbury Dave

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1 Feb 2007
It's all playground stuff this.

If we are attracting new fans we are doing well and that's all I care about.

But I don't believe we have had a significant influx of new fans yet.


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18 Dec 2008
rhondda valleys (wales)
my reasons for being a city fan are

good fans

not a plastic club that you just say you support if someone asks you whos your team. to support city you have to have some feelings for the club.

i fcukin hate the red scum!

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