Racism in Football


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18 Jan 2012
If we are going to get serious on Racism, which UEFA are not, we should look at really punishing racist clubs and nations for their shitty, vile fans. When punishments are worse for being late on a field than they are for racism, then the problem will never go away.

Glen Kamara against Sparta Prague is a perfect example. Ban the racist fucks but let 10,000 of their wee racist offspring in with instructions to boo his and Joe Aribo's every touch of the ball.

Until these Eastern European clubs and countries get banned for Nazism then it will just continue. I really don't get the thought process behind this when a few generations back their ancestors relations would be getting thrown in gas chambers. Absolute fucking bottom feeders.

As for what Ian Wright done, 100% in favour of it. They wouldn't say it to his face and rely on the safety of being behind a screen for their vile. Get their horrible faces plastered everywhere - people need to learn their is no haven in being a racist wee arsehole. Lifetime bans should also be made mandatory.


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6 Feb 2010
The South Stand

"Anyone who knows me, my friends and that, knows I'm not racist". Of course he isn't. Wherever would we get that idea?

Guys like that who get found out inevitably blame it on being pissed / heat of the moment. Same with domestic abusers and other bullies and thugs.

Now, I’ve been as shitfaced watching football as the next man but I’ve never once shouted racist abuse at someone, or punched a bloke in a chip shop queue, or gone home and slapped the mrs about. Never even crossed my mind, just like it wouldn’t cross the minds of most normal people.

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