Racist incidents on the rise?


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13 Jun 2013
i get out and about quiet a lot thankyou very much i live in wigan and can honestly say i have never heard any body being racially abused myself,saying that i am not saying it does not happen, btw my name is laughing gravy!!
You also think Asian people are "proud to be yellow", so maybe you just aren't great at noticing racism?


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1 Aug 2007
Somewhere I only dreamed I'd be
Pinned to the door of the Polish community centre in Llanelli this morning. Absolutely no problem with Poles, they work bloody hard, they've been here for yonks and they did a lot to help save our bacon in WW2.

I remember a few years ago when the BNP went on one of their numerous racist rants to illustrate their "Britishness" they posted a picture of a Spitfire. What they had missed was that the Spitfire in the photo was flown by a Polish squadron.


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15 Sep 2009
i'm not saying for one minute that there are no racists in britain,but we have to take what is wrote in the media with a pinch of salt,unless you hear it first hand,because it could easily be rumours spread my someone wanting to remain in,i am dubios that because we voted out that suddenly all racist have raised their heads why wait till now,are you saying if the out vote lost these racists would have kept their mouths shut,what about the racists who scrike evertime they see a st georges flag? i never read about them,or do only white racist's count,i saw a post on facebook once which said

i'm proud to be black said the african,im proud to be yellow said the asian,im proud to be white said the racist! makes you think dont it?

Why was the Asian proud to have jaundice? Its a terrible illness

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