Rate The Food At The Etihad Out Of 0-5 ;-)

Mediocre at best and quite pricey.
I'm not going to mark it up just because it's at City and I can't bring myself to say anything negative when City are involved. 3/5 from me.
I'd give it a 2/5 in general, but seeing as the food at large events is so universally crap by these standards I'll be generous and go for a 3.5/5. Most of it is passable to decent if overpriced.
1 out of 5. Had a balti pie recently. Totally over heated and dry. Very hard pastry. Nearly inedible. And not cheap wont be doing that again.
To be honest a coffee and a bar of chocolate is about the only thing I generally have at The Etihad these days.
My most memorable 'culinary experience' had to be on The Kippax at Maine Road in the late 80s, when I found a bit of plastic cutlery in what could best be described as a Turd Burger!
As we were 3:0 up against the rags at half time and I'd probably had about 6 or 7 pre match pints in The Gardeners Arms, I remember only seeing it as a bit of a minor irritation at the time!
Actually the turd burger probably made no difference as I (like many others) had probably built up quite an immune system by then ,having had to use those revolting bogs on the outer wall of the Kippax for several years!!!
Pies are ok we’ve had better probably a few seasons ago we’re really good, chips are good not had the other stuff but it looks good The issue I have is the pies fall to bits and so difficult to eat Cornish pasties were developed to allow the miners to eat with dirty hands we need a pie technician to develop a pie that’s easy to eat without one of those PC wooded forks I rate 4
The pies fall to bits? The last two I‘ve had broke the fork trying to get through the pastry!
We’re all missing the elephant in the room here.
Okay, okay someone has to say it!
The rags catering might resemble their football and be a total bag of shite but, have they ever ran out of chips?
Tbh I did members banquet at old Trafford last season and thought if very good and quite filling . Like to say if was shit but I can’t .

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