Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread


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19 Jun 2015
Can we talk about how Dias doesn't look half as good next to Laporte as he does Stones
Can we talk about how Laporte doesn't look half as good as before his ACL injury, always has a mistake in him in big games and with his antics in the first half is a bit of a dopey twat. Stonesy should have his place on merit


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17 Dec 2006
I think the best side lost but we do have a bad habit of conceding goals in clusters in the Champions League. Shit happens but ultimately scoring 5 should be enough in any two legged tie. Remember a few years back we went out having scored 5 against Monaco! Looking at their goals over both legs the only really bad ones were the two penalties. I think we really needed two 'proper' full backs to come on once Walker went off but Pep does not and will not play that way. Four massive games of character coming up for both the players and the fans. These players have given 100% and run themselves into the ground and need our support. We all need to grow a pair there is still a battle to fight and win.


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14 Feb 2012
screaming my bollocks off
I can’t put this into words yet but I’ll give it a go
Had a bad feeling going into the game, Peps body language after the first leg was poor. He knew we’d blown a massive chance only coming away with a one goal lead

The refs refusal to book Casemeiro was baffling. Also some other things like the time added on and not giving Sterling that free kick when he was taken out. However I don’t blame him for the defeat at all.

That’s a collapse I’ve never seen before

The game was gone at the end of full time. Our players were gone, they’d shit themselves

Dias and Laporte were poor tonight
Defence fell apart when Walker went off

As for the subs
KDB I found strange but when Gundogan does well straight away to create the goal then it’s vindicated. A goal that should have settled it.

the rest of the subs were a bit shit
We were left in the end with no guile and no firepower and could still be playing now and wouldn’t have scored
I read a good point there. The way Real Madrid behaved in extra time, lying down at every challenge and running the clock down is exactly what we should have been doing from Mahrez scored to full time. A lack of craft.

not sure how the team will get over this but I’m totally gutted

Not to get you down even further, but we're surrounded by those snidey bastards over here and will now be seeing dogs, birds and probably even inanimate objects out in their Liverpool gear tomorrow, which is something those in Manchester may largely escape.


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4 Dec 2009
Manager was class, as were most of the players for the first 91 mins. We've been on the receiving end of one of those once in a decade games, that is football.

We will be back better than ever. Gone a long way without a recognised forward. One day we will win this competition, a lot of us will be there and it's going to be made all the sweeter. All of those other clubs fans and neutral piss takers will be made to pay one day.

Well done to all our fans over in Madrid. Stay safe tonight and keep your heads held high. We are the best team in the world and will prove it on the big stage eventually. It wasn't meant to be this season. Can't fault Real on the pitch really, pure DNA. I hope they beat Liverpool.

Tough few days for the staff and players now, they need us more than ever so let's do our bit to back them and push them onto our third league title in a row.
It’s not once in a decade game of football is it… I can think of Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Monaco, Lyon and Madrid where we have conspired to defeat ourselves with either odd team selection, tactics or failing to manage to the game

incidentally I found most of those games great entertainment but just once I’d like to win one of them


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10 Nov 2019
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Not Peps fault we couldn’t defend for 5 minutes and Grealish failed to score two one on ones
Grealish is really irritating me.

I thought we were buying a natural successor for KDB.

Yet all i am seeing is a player who just breezes through games doing the bare minimum. always taking the easy option with the Ball every time.

He was getting a shit load of penalties every season for Villa with his runs directly in to the Box forcing challenges.

Hopefully next season he will be much better when we have natural strikers


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17 Oct 2014
Dubh Linn
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Pep was already thinking of Newcastle.

Wasnt like Madrid had any come back in them and had done it before in other games...................."Oh wait"

Meaning we had to throw the last Man ever i wanted to see come on and pretend to try and save the day. Watching him trip himself up, fall over, and tackle himself and still lose possession.
Don’t think Pep did much wrong tonight.
The subs were good.
That team should have seen out that game but we didn’t.
Thought Jack was great when he came on but unfortunately he was at fault for the cross coming in for the first goal. That is the sharpness of mind that he and a couple of others have not had this season. It cost us dearly tonight.
That first goal should never have happened. The second wouldn’t have obviously if we had just closed down the ball getting into the box, like they did once they went ahead.
Hope Jack gets mentally up to the speed of playing for Pep next season. Cancelo should be there by now, but unfortunately quite often isn either.

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