Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread


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15 Jul 2015
It’s not once in a decade game of football is it… I can think of Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Monaco, Lyon and Madrid where we have conspired to defeat ourselves with either odd team selection, tactics or failing to manage to the game

incidentally I found most of those games great entertainment but just once I’d like to win one of them
Those were different kind of exits though in truth. We were the better team for much of the 180minutes of regular time and suffered a come back win in injury time which are always a kick in the teeth to take. At least I think that's what he meant by it.

The Spurs game comes close but that was more about the handball goal being allowed and the winning goal being chalked off by VAR. We didn't go into that game with a lead either. As I remember it, we were poor and wasteful in the away leg and nearly turned it around in the second leg and came up short.

The others were either failing to show up or ballsing it up well within regular time... Which is still shit but not the same feeling as having something minutes away from being sealed but pulled from under your nose at the last minute.
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1 Mar 2005
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We will never win this with Pep.he just doesn’t put the motivation needed into the players. You gotta want it more than anything.

If you need someone to 'motivate' you to win an elusive title, you need fucking off.

That's just a ridiculous thing to say!


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4 Jun 2009
One last thing the referee yet again fucked is over. He isn’t directly responsible fir the defeat but his constant overlooking of Madrid fouls and his steadfast refusal to book Casemiro made it much harder than it needed to be.

I’m getting really tired of feeling like European referees really don’t like us.


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18 Aug 2019
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Difference at the top is being clinical. Over two legs no one can tell me Madrid are a far superior side to us, but the difference is they have a world class CF who scores big goals at important times. Pep will get slaughtered in the press, but we had enough chances in the first leg to beat these easily we didn't and was punished.
If you're saying that's why we lost tonight, that's nonsense. I've said all along that we were the better side over the 2 legs and they didn't have a single shot on target tonight, Their second goal was a total fluke. Benzema bought the pen, then they just disrupted the rest of ET and I timed the stoppages at over 7 minutes - we weren't even given the full three. As someone else put it, 999 times of of 1000 we win that.

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