Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread


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8 Jul 2010
Last 2 away performances in Europe have been awful. Never thought I’d question the teams mentality but we were off from the start.
Athletico was a bad performance, really?
and tonight we’re winning until 90 and no shot on target against. Give your head a wobble we were unlucky simple as that

west didsblue

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2 Oct 2011
Khm, khm,...,Spurs at home, losing a game in that way has prepared me for this crap tonight. Although i could not believe it could actually happen. The dippers at home, but even before, losing to Spurs after having 143 shots on goal ...Southampton x 2, Crystal Palace x 2, do you see the pattern? Every time it was made hard for us, we obligingly folded up. I understand people here want to put on a brave face, but for me it is not about losing a game, it is about the manner of losing it.
You have a point. In similar situations under Mancini we always felt there was a chance we’d turn it round. With Pep it seems like we need to win it early doors or not at all in the biggest games.

Manx Blue

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21 Jan 2010
He does make those saves - did tonight to stop Rodrygo getting a hat trick in normal time. I think he’s weaker at judging crosses and dominating the box, but he’s still a world class keeper.Though tonight he added to the last minute panic by kicking long - that’s on all of them, a collective brain freeze.

Ederson isn't making world class saves, because the team in front of him generally works their asses off.

Reals first shot on target was their first goal. (Not getting at you BTW Zin).


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26 Jan 2013
pencil vain ear
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Mannnchester Siddy
not beating Liverpool in the league, when they were there for taking. it might cost us the whole PL title.

not beating Real at home by 3-4 goals difference, when they were there for taking.

being 1-0 up at 89th minute in Bernabeu and crashing out of CL with 3-1 minutes later.

there is an issue here.

also 46th minute goal from Pool in league, also today second half first few seconds they create a huge chance, we were still asleep and in the dressing room.
It’s elite football, the opposition will create chances, it’s just they don’t need many to make us suffer, again and again.

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