Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread


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4 Nov 2010
No, I don't think Raz was in anyway to blame tonight - but I just don't think hes good enough full stop.

The players that weren’t good enough should be plucked from those that were on the pitch when we had the ball next to their corner flag at 88 mins needing to only see out the remaining minutes conceding one goal.

That was the problem. Not Sterling. What went on during that 7 minutes was what wasn’t good enough…


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3 Jun 2009
Nobody is happy clapping. That was NOT Pep's fault.

You think we get so exposed at the back if Walker stays on the field?
course it was mate we were comfortable then makes stupid subs, which he doesn’t make in league when we need subs he doesn’t make them then tonight we were fine but starts fucking about!!!!

west didsblue

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2 Oct 2011
Not Pep’s fault. Because we had a two goal margin we eased off. If it was still 0-0 we’d be doing all the shithousery we did against Atletico and we’d probably be through. One of those things. Painful but we’ll get over it.


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21 Jan 2010
Pep has dropped some fucking clangers but not tonight mate. We played the perfect game, we've just been on the end of one of those classic sucker punch knockout ties. It's so hard to comprehend.

Think we all need to sleep on it and give it a few days to settle.
Agreed. Shell shocked is the expression.


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26 Jun 2020
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Man City
Yes it's an odd one. Dias for me has been dodgy for a while, Stones has definitely been the best centre back this year, Ake has done well and I would use him more. Cancelo of late has gone to pot too. Walker has been missed greatly but Zinchenko has done well despite the turmoil going on in his home country.
Only Walker has any pace and they are all susceptible to dropping howlers.
Cancelo is a lousy defender, although up the pitch he does some amazing things. Zinny always gives 100%, but in reality he is only a (very reliable) squad player. I would also say the same about Aké, albeit he has improved a fair bit in recent games. Not convinced he will ever get to the level that we really need though to beat the best teams. Stones is injury prone.
The above doesn’t even address the shortcomings of Eddie, but all things considered it isn’t a great setup.

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