Real Madrid (A) Post Match Thread


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3 Jun 2009
No he has not. At 88 minutes we were through with breathing room. How is that Peps fault?

Put it in context fella…. you are watching match of the day.. and one team is two goals up after almost scoring twice in the last few minutes and they have the ball by the oppositions corner flag with 88 mins on the clock and they proceed to concede two goals from there… how on earth would you laugh at the manager? It’s absolutely down to the players at that point.

Pep had done his job.
what’s that old saying…. it’s all on the manager……. them subs killed us no two ways about it cos it’s there in black and white and pep and City out againnn

Manx Blue

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21 Jan 2010
The players that weren’t good enough should be plucked from those that were on the pitch when we had the ball next to their corner flag at 88 mins needing to only see out the remaining minutes conceding one goal.

That was the problem. Not Sterling. What went on during that 7 minutes was what wasn’t good enough…

No you're right.

But all of the players have to acknowledge, when you step over that line, you put a shift in...whether its 2 minutes mop up time, or a full 90+.


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14 Jan 2018
Wasn’t bad luck and and a corrupt ref it was a fucking disgrace and there should be an inquest into it . Laporte a major player in our demise . Cancelo is a defender who can’t defend . We have no striker and if bringing sterling on to save us is our play then we have problems . I now expect us to shit the bed and lose the title as Liverpools quadruple will happen .


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11 Feb 2011
Tonight we fucked up. I have little sympathy for the players, they switched off, they got punished and never recovered, they're gonna have to deal with this. It's on them to respond now. They can choose to be defeated and blow everything or they can rise.

The bent as fuck ref didn't help. Any chance he had he helped Madrid out he took with both hands (I.e. 3mins of injury time - ****) and that's the only sympathy I have for the players. Pep can help in so many ways but he can't play the match for you.

I am left thinking (like a lot of us), "are we ever gonna win this," and I hate the fact that I think that sometimes, but I'll be fucked if I ever stop cheering us on. It will be all the sweeter when we do finally win it, to stick to all those absolute shit house wankers who have acted as unfair roadblocks to us in any way, large or small.

Don't let the bastards grind you down. It may feel like they're on top right now but they're not. We're not fucking going away and Uefa will fucking hate the day we reach the summit.


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22 May 2004
City park
We have to give some credit to Madrid. We were the better side over both legs but we just couldn't finish them off, they refused to lie down. That's the third time they've done it this year so it's no coincidence.
Disagree, they have Benzema to thank for getting them where they are.Dippers will hand their easiest champs league win.


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22 Sep 2008
In the pub
Just got back to hotel great trip with the lads apart from the result off to bed to get up to leave for the airport in 4 hours love this club
but a little deflated at the moment

I like your style fella. Us fans know the score. As I said to the lads in the pub tonight, I’d rather be losing in the semi final of the Champs league to Real Madrid than home and away to Wycombe in league one.
Glad you enjoyed your trip blue.


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13 Feb 2021
Team supported
It could be a watershed moment this...
Its crystal clear and has been for years that we need a proper striker. Haaland sorts that out.
Alvarez will hopefully complement Haaland. I'd make room in the squad by moving Raheem on and keeping Jesus who's work rate and all round contribution is much higher.
In midfield its also clear we have to replace Ferna, Rice is the obvious fit.
I actually also think we have room for Pau Torres or similar to provide options in defence. Ake is a good squad option and can cover LB, Stones can also cover RB. Maybe even look at a back 3. Walker is getting on and could fall off a cliff if he starts picking up injuries at his age, so maybe a young RB? Maybe from the youth setup?
Laporte might have run his race with us and isn't the player he was since his injury.
Finally some proper competion for Eddy wouldn't go amiss.
Its not just a reaction to tonight but I've felt all season that we've looked a bit jaded.
I don't know how they can do it with FFP and stuff but there's 4 or 5 players need to come in and refresh the group.


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1 Jan 2017
Sorry but we did deserve to win tonight. They didn't have a shot on target for 90 minutes, you can't say they deserved to win it.
Never nice to go down regardless of our status at the time, I’ll never like spuds as a result of that even if it was before my time
How many times did we let a two goal advantage slip. For me it comes down to our sloppiness in defence. Individually we have good centrebacks.But I’ve not been too impressed with the Laporte/Dias combo this year. As much as I think Cancelo has been very good this year, he’s not as good at defending like Walker. With Kyle going off,our concentration and mindset probably changed. A bit like the Spurs game at home this season. It’s a big disadvantage not having a Sergio on a night like this. I just hope we keep it together for the run in without any more injuries. I think we’ll just do it.

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