Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur CL QF L2 (page 59)

Mike C

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18 Apr 2010
THFC6061 said:
Well that was great fun!

I think that overall, Spurs gave a very good account of themselves in this season's UEFA Champions League competition and we certainly went a lot further than even our most optomistic fans could have hoped for.

The key now it to try to ensure we get Champions League football for next season too and that, of course, puts us in direct competition with Manchester City.

So the best of luck to you and may the best team win.

Played 12
Won 5
Drew 3
Lost 4

You lost one third of the games you played.

In a cup competition.

In the 4 games in the Knock-Out part of the competition (the "proper" bit, if you like), you scored 1 goal.

Well done for reaching the QF, but let's keep it in perspective...


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12 Dec 2010
JoeMercer'sWay said:
To be fair that was the first properly good team you faced in the comp in the quarters.

the fact you didn't have to face any english teams got you through, inter are crap, ac aren't up to much and bremen, twente and young boys are a level below at the moment.

Basically all you've proved in the champions league is how bad serie a is and how bad a job van gaal was doing at bayern this season

On the quarters you got outclassed and humiliated by a team that didn't even get out of 2nd gear.

I'd expect us to have done just as well as you and been more competitive against madrid 2bh

We just lost 3-0 to Liverpool team who on paper we completely outclass and got koncked out of our European competition with a full strength team against Kiev. Would we really have got a better result against Madrid?

Saying that it was the first properly good team they faced is a little harsh due to the fact that only two properly good teams are in the competition this year. United look like getting all the way through to the final without facing a properly good team.

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