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11 Jan 2009
The 6 second rule has not been in the laws of the game for at least 15 years yet every Sunday league player will quote it to you. Some even count in your ear whilst the keeper has it. The law, basically says, you have to release the ball in a reasonable time. Whatever that is???

In my opinion Kevin Friend was hopeless yesterday. 2 years ago he gave our society a presentation and during the course of the evening consumed 10-12 pints. This was a Tuesday night and he was reffing at St James Park the next day.

It might not have been applied for 15 years but it's still there:

An indirect free kick is awarded if a goalkeeper, inside their penalty area,
commits any of the following offences:

controls the ball with the hand/arm for more than six seconds before releasing

Trevor Morley's Tache

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23 Nov 2016
Never forget that the turd at O.T. gave a yellow card for that challenge. He literally got shamed into giving a red. He’s an Alti fan. Yeah, ok.

Letter of the law - Fake Ron should have seen Red also, but miraculously only got a yellow. If that had been any one of our forwards Sky would have played it on a loop and begged VAR to take action.

charlie smudgeboots

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28 Dec 2008
The guy is a rag, but no matter who you support, there was nothing anyone could do to help the scum today, I'm struggling to remember a worse performance

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