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17 Oct 2014
Dubh Linn
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Franny Lee said quite a few years ago the main problem with Referees is now they get involved with the emotions of the game. I think he was spot on. In the 50s and 60s it was said a good referee wasn't even noticed, ie, he just quietly and efficiently got on with the job in hand. Tell me one single modern referee that isn't now in the spotlight every game he officiates. Modern referees now think they are some sort of stars. They lead the players out on to the pitch, some sweeping the ball up off it's pedestal as if they own the game. Most modern referees are just arrogant. Look at Mike Dean's response to Pep's enquiry into a refereeing decision at Anfield, he just stood there staring into the distance chewing gum totally ignoring Pep. FA should start by getting officials to come on to the pitch AFTER the teams. Gestured made by them should be low key and not over exaggerated. Bit more humility would bring them respect from players and fans alike. Probably gone too far for that I suppose.
What do you mean, referees aren’t stars?


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11 Jan 2009
Sorry, I did get that slightly wrong. It's not all outfield players, just opposition ones. Once again, having been to numerous courses, I would suggest you attend some of them. Quite often when a PL official is giving a talk to a local society the public are entitled to attend but you very rarely find anyone bothered. I have said this before but football must be the only sport where the fans of the sport are ignorant of the laws
I'm sorry but what English referees say about the laws is part of the problem. Courses (or trainers) that Interpret the laws to mean something more than they say should be challenged. It's why no English referees went to the World Cup.

Next time, your default question should be "where on earth is that interpretation coming from?"

I suggest you go on refchat and post there about the 10 yards nonsense or not counting till players are out of the penalty area, and see what the reaction is.

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14 Aug 2005
If the rules were consistently applied I’d have no problem with it. In the Brighton game the refereeing team sensed a city wobble and applied a bit of pressure. Do they do that to any other team in the league?!?
No, that game was manipulated to try and bring about a sky finish. Fortunately it didn't work

old blue

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6 Aug 2006
I remember Bert running up behind him and deliberately kicking the ball from hand. The ref definitely rubbed his arse with both hands as he walked back to the halfway line. Anyone got a definitive version of this episode?
I apologise Dave, I wrote a reply yesterday and forgot to press send, my memory is that we were defending the Platt Lane end when the offside goal went in. The ref would not listen to Bert's protests and just turned and started running to the middle. He was midway to the half way line when Bert launched the ball at the retreating figure and caught him full blast. Bert did not wait for the card and made his way off. If I remember correctly Alan Oakes took over between the sticks, I nearly said he took the gloves but goalies did not use them in the olden days. :-)

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