Relationships (sexual) with work colleagues

west didsblue

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2 Oct 2011
Met my wife at work. divorced now. shagged shit loads of bitches from the offices over the years; just banged this 29yo who’s now obsessed with me even though i told her to go back to her husband.

where the fuck else are you gonna meet people in your 30s other than on shitty dating apps ?

anyway get em banged and stop moaning. if you want to get on your high horse its cos you’re an ugly fat **** who women look at and the thought of sex doesn’t even cross their minds.
You're wasted on here. You could make a fortune offering relationship advice. You could get a job with The Sun as an Agony Aunt now that Deirdre's gone.

Fode N The Hole

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1 Oct 2020

Trevor Morley's Tache

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23 Nov 2016
Steady in the ranks.
Wives are for knocking a few pups out.
These people will never understand the pure love that can exist between an officer and his batman....or a lancer and his horse.
As you were.
Those who think extra marital affairs amongst the enlisted men's wives don't happen have clearly never been out in Aldershot on a Friday night (or any other night of the week) when the Battalion is away ;-)

(No I haven't before you ask)

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