Reoccuring things I have noticed about our team.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Dax777, 8 Dec 2011.

  1. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Balotelli always kicks his penalty to the keepers left. Hell the whole team goes left or down center it seems.

    On Kickoffs, Dzeko (and on other player Nasri sometimes Aguero) lineup to the right and sprint forward once the ball is passed off. Silva passes off to (Milner/Aguero/Nasri) who passes back to Clichy, Clichy then controls and pings it to the far right side, to Dzeko and the other guy who ran off at kickoff. I have noticed this 5 times this season. It looks like an American football play :)

    Nasri is never in a hurry. Always shielding the ball and finding the simple pass, unless it is a breakaway.

    Aguero's closing speed! it is scary.

    Kolo's arms in front of him when he has the ball. He looks right, looks left, and then points with both arms.

    Yaya and Silva Directors. WHen a defender has the ball, Yaya and Silva always point to who he should pass it too. either both hands down with open palms (meaning, give it to me) or one hand down on the side and the other pointing to where the ball should go. meaning give it to that guy.

    Joe always readjusting his gloves, even when he only uses his feet. Is that thing oversized or what?

    Okay, I think I have been watching too many replays :)
  2. kenzie115


    31 May 2009
    I wouldn't read too much into the penalties as Balo just puts them to whichever side the keeper doesn't go.

    I first noticed the kick off thing at Fulham and agree we do it all the time now.

    Agree with the others too, especially Aguero's closing down.
  3. cheddar404


    28 Jan 2010
    On the moon, painting it blue
    I've noticed that we win a lot more games these days.
  4. alky313


    23 Jun 2011
    Silva's defence has improved ten-fold.
  5. Tricky_Trev


    17 Jan 2009
    Excellently worked short corners. I don't know how many more times we have to create a chance or score from a short corner routine for the people around me to stop moaning everytime we don't "whip it in".

    Johnson's diagonal run from right to centre.

    Richards constantly looking to get inbehind the opposition's back 4.

    There's plenty more! We are a well-oiled machine these days, and it's very easy to spot the patterns in our play. Very difficult to stop them though.
  6. Dzeko nodded down for Aguero to score from that kick off routine at Fulham. Perhaps time to vary it now, everyone has noticed it.
    The main thing about this team is how much we take for granted now. A brilliant piece of control followed by a 40-yard ball pinged to feet would've got a standing ovation in the Pearce era. Now it barely seems to register.
    Another is that the team has such faith in each others' ability to maintain possession that they will pass to a teammate in the opponents' half, even if they are tightly marked, knowing the passing cycle will continue.
    These are brilliant, brilliant players. We are blessed to be blues in this era.
  7. balkanno


    29 Dec 2010
    Rakija Industry
    Compared to last season? 100% true, tho we ave more possession nowdays so it s easy for him.

    Nd yes 11 seconds Fulham goal.

    The biggest change compared to last season is Yaya / Barry. They changed the gameplan nd we look more structured but it s still not the highest possiable tactical. The position changing could be more fluid, some players should hold their possions often.
  8. mario looks at the keeper legs as he's trotting up, he watches to see which leg they put pressure on and know's then which way he's going to go.

    apparently they had him taking penalties against hart in training and joe got pissed off, as he couldn't save any so they got someone else to do it lol!
  9. Sparkys-Army


    24 Oct 2010
    A Devon Blue.
    Wasn't it a few weeks ago, one of Balotellis penaltys got saved in training for the first time and then he scored like 8 straight pens after lmao.
  10. mansour's tow ropes

    mansour's tow ropes

    16 May 2009
    And his finishing

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