RIP Bill Lyons (@Bill, previously @de niro) update re funeral pg 51/JustGiving link p52

Great to see a few familiar faces, for a great man.

Also good to know that you can say “TWAT!” as part of the service. One of many smile raised listening to all the stories.
I went to a service last year which was coincidentally at Blackley also. My first non religious service I'd attended albeit I didn't realise at the time. It was for a United fan and the guy doing the service said if your a blue stand up and about twenty of us did and he goes right fuck off the lot of you. All in good humour but I was shocked at the time but now definitely prefer the non religious services as they seem far more personal
Never see him again then!!
Never see anyone else who happened to be in the pub if I go on the karaoke.

Seriously though, it was a fantastic service and just reminded us what a fantastic character he was. The thing that resonated most with me was the comment about him never saying "Why me?" when diagnosed with and suffering from that most horrible of diseases.

A truly inspirational attitude from someone who wasn't religious. Something we should all take away with us.

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