Robin Gosens


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18 Nov 2017

The rumours about us possibly being interested in this lad seem to have been floating around for a while now. I freely admit that I'm not an anorak when it comes to Serie A, so I'm a bit in the dark about him. Given modern day transfer fees (albeit they've come back a bit thanks to the knock-on effects of Covid), he isn't that pricey; though, with only a year left on his contract, perhaps not so cheap either, given he could leave for nothing next summer). Should we be looking at him? I've heard and read fairly good things about him. Do we actually need him though, given Zinch's renaissance this season? Plus, we have Cancelo, Ake, Mendy (for now) and Laporte who can all play at LB.
Sounds a bit expensive at the age of 26 with one year left on his contract, but it’s not my money so


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3 Jul 2009
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Gosens would be a very good addition if he settles, very similar to Cancelo. It would definitely make sense to go for a more attacking LB. Someone like Gosens and Zinchenko would be a great rotation.

Pep could have the more conservative Zinchenko for games when he wants that extra man in midfield to keep things ticking over and let Cancelo roam or if we are resting Cancelo and playing Walker then we might need Gosens providing the threat on the left.


Posted this over in the other thread.
9 goals and 4 assists from left back after 2/3 of a serie A season brilliant stats offensively


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1 Sep 2014
Decent player but would be a shame if we ended up getting him in a way as I don’t think he would offer an awful lot more than Angelino could’ve done, who is not only a home grown player but also club trained.


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29 Oct 2008
He is apparently a similar level to Cancelo,so absolutely he makes sense as we are currently doing a patch up job in that position.

I did see a link the other day that stated they would enquire about Zinchenko in a swap deal.


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7 Nov 2010
Had a quick search for "Gosens", and couldn't find any thread, which did surprise me, but there you go. Point me in the right direction, and I'll merge them, if necessary. If it's that general thread about players who might improve us, I'd be inclined to leave this here for now. Thanks.
Apologies, was in here...

St.Pauli support

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17 Feb 2010
Interesting player!
His career took off quite late, went from Netherlands to Bergamo.
1st of his 4 matches for Germany being last autumn (and he did well).

FWIK he would perfectly fit our demands in terms of personality:
team player, great work rate and dynamics, winning attitude, confident, also very down to earth and a very likeable fella.

No injury history (well, that's what we said about Aké, but Gosens is used to league AND CL match intensity).

Comparison to Angelino make sense in a way, but in a much weaker defence back then we didn't want a wingback. Today it has changed and 1 full back is supporting midfield.

Gosens is taller and passing stats are better, maybe that's a point.


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20 May 2009
Looks a very good player in fairness and only a year left on his contract? Txiki special maybe?

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