Romeo Lavia


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11 Aug 2015
Physically, he looks thicker than I thought he'd be. Sturdy, wiry strong body for someone still so young.

Alan Harper's Tash

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12 Dec 2010
He did well but I think the undeserved yellow blunted his approach a tad.While he didn't dominate as he often does for the EDS,his presence and ability still had great influence and its not difficult to see how he can go on to be a very fine DM in the Dinho mould.
I thought that his yellow was harsh as he had been pushed and lost his balance and it should have been a free kick for us.

That being said, if the ref thought it wasn’t a free kick for us, his challenge was pretty bad and probably should have been red in the ref’s eyes.

Other than that he was really good knitting play and mopping up balls once he got his eye in.

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