RSC Anderlecht Thread 21/22

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11 Jun 2019
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RSC Anderlecht
The program was had no evidence, just some vague allegations about Anderlecht.

But is has to be said. Herman Van Holsbeeck, the former manager, was a real gangster. He worked with Mogi Bayat, one of the big names in the fraude case the Belgian investigators are working on.

In the period just before Anderlecht was sold to Marc Coucke, almost every transfer Bayat was involved in. Lots of strange transfers. Like a loan of Kiese Thelin of 6 months. Thelin was really bad that period, but still, Anderlecht bought the player, who was represented by Bayat.

The management of Van Holsbeeck, is the big reason Anderlecht isn't the biggest club in Belgium any more. The new owner made some mistakes after the takeover. But is trying to fix this with Kompany and Verbeke on board.

But I am convinced the investigation will bring some very bad stuf to the public about Van Holsbeeck and Bayat.


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14 Dec 2008
The Palladion
Nice draw.

We played really good, and deserved even more.
Our goalie gave away a goal, but we kept going for it with a well deserved point.
Brugge still some fatigue from the Leipzig game tough.
I thought Brugge looked rather ordinary but Anderlecht were a little disjointed from midfield to attack.

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