Russian invasion of Ukraine


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6 Dec 2013
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Putin has gone all in with this Ukraine war. He is not going to settle or agree a ceasefire unless its to get his logistics in place for further assaults. He is not going to back off so chemical or battlefield nukes are a real possibility if sending more determined Russian troops or mass murder doesn't do the job.
Nato does not realise WW3 has already started. This is the phoney/proxy war phase. Nato is being bullied by the Russians and waiting for sanctions to kick may well be too late for Ukraine,
Might be worth you calling them and give them a heads up


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31 Oct 2019
Zelensky didn't say that, nor did he say what the Telegraph headline says.

Drivel as usual.

“We’ve seen how many ties your companies have with Russia,” he said in an address to the Bundestag, “with a country that just uses you and other countries to finance its war.”


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11 May 2021
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Oh no, absolutely fuck the Germans. They were warned for a decade that they were becoming too reliant on Russia and now they're minimising the sanctions as much as possible.
Correct - Some people just seem to have an obsessive need to find some opportunity to run down the UK - sad and I do not understand it

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