Russian invasion of Ukraine


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25 May 2010
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They've apparently started to store munitions in a lot of different places, rather than main ammo dumps, because of the amount of strikes on them.

That's just going to slow logistics, their army will suffer the same, starved of what they need.

Ukrainian forces have fought a very intelligent war up until now, I cannot see that changing.
There is no place to hide.
Ukraine hit a weapons and ammo storage yesterday in Donetsk.
They were stored inside a mine.

Slava Ukraini.


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14 Oct 2016
Or if you are given license to do something as opposed to being given a licence to do something.
It’s just typically British. Two spellings for essentially the same word whose precise meaning will be clear by the context. Teachers up and down the land will bore kids exhorting them to use the correct form.
Well listened as a kid, w.d.

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