"Russia's Hooligan Army" BBC2 Tonight

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  1. johnnytapia


    29 Feb 2012
    I was on holiday in Halkadiki this year and the staff looked on askance when I thanked them and used “please” before any request. They were genuinely puzzled. The resort was 95% Russian and they were used to their, and hear I quote, “animal behaviour”. They (the Russians) seemed to believe that barking instructions; acting like an obnoxious prick was the correct way to treat people. Sadly, the resort staff seemed to really fear them and hence, their requests were met.
  2. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    They do take the hard man stuff seriously but without the honour synonymous with the term warrior, so in the end it's all hollow posturing. There were very few old school English hooligans in France because they've been kicked out of the game, even the ones who consider themselves one it's not nearly as hardcore as the old firms. They sent their best firms over to fight normal football English fans who went to enjoy the football, get pissed up and merry. It would be a different story if a) There were some organised English firms over there b) Said firms were stone cold sober and in the gym training like an athlete for the purpose of fighting every week. He even said at the end the only way not to be a target is to have your wife and kids with you...

    They can fight but listen to what they said their tactic was to deliberately isolate individuals from their group and attack in packs, proud to kick people who are floored in the head... that's not what someone does to gain pride and honour in battle that's what you do if you just want to win at any cost and look good without the danger of getting hurt yourself.
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  3. Xiphos


    17 Feb 2017
    Wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes those Russians in the 80s, soon as they appeared in the center of Marseilles they would have been surrounded by proper English firms not the flip flop wearing hooray henrys that were there last year and given a proper going over, went a few times in the 80s and 90s and some of the English put the shits up me, they wern't afraid of anybody
  4. citykev28


    12 Jan 2010
    in the away end at hillsborough clapping benarbia
    Something was amiss to me. A load of musclebound blokes with no shirts, talking about how a real man should be a warrior before hopping into a hot tub with his mates and eating a plate of fancy fish.

    Very niice. I liike.
  5. Are you suggesting these Russian gay clubs are using fighting to feel more manly or feel more men by having gang bang sessions in the woods? Dogging and spin the Turkish wrestler are also games they play....... Kinda like in the Mandalay cabin stateside! Funny they use football and none of them had any football gear or colours.....seems they are just morons...... Fancy fish, I ll bite my lip here
  6. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    Correct. If you get some old footage of the late 70's and the eighties what the Russian's were doing in France was happening almost every week at every ground in the country and often on a bigger scale. If anyone remembers a qualifier in Sweden which we lost the England fan's smashed the granny out of every Swede daft enough to stand or get in their way and they are big lads! The Russian's can train and bang the steroids all they like but I would still have backed some of the old firms against them in the mean back streets of Manchester, Liverpool,Leeds or London.

    Police crackdowns, banning orders, CCTV, all seater stadiums, stiff sentencing fetch us to where we are today, which is no bad thing in my opinion. The trouble is in the rest of the world's eyes England are still the England of 40 years ago and a prized scalp. This is unfortunate for the new breed of England fan just going along for a jolly and a sing song and getting battered for the past.

  7. That was before the days of grooming products and special 2 for 3 offers from Boots.
  8. Uncle Wally One Ball

    Uncle Wally One Ball

    3 Jan 2009
    And hopefully they would have gone out of the way of everyone else and beat eachother to death, while the grown ups could have a pint and enjoy in peace
  9. purplenose


    25 Oct 2015
    The Deep South of Cheshire
    Corrected for you....maybe more appropriate were you to find yourself in a sauna full of them?
  10. bluwes


    24 Aug 2004
    Manchester England
    Special 3 for the price of 2 usually works out cheaper

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