Saúl Ñíguez


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8 Aug 2006
He’s not the fastest player, to be sure, but he usually makes up for it with good positioning, anticipation, vision, strength, and an engine to power through matches.

The fact that he has fallen out with Simeone is interesting, though. Saul has the reputation of being very strong minded, which has caused clashes with coaches at every level as he has progressed. I think there is an argument that only players with these sorts of strong wills (bordering on arrogance) make it to the top, but it still might not be something that Pep is looking for, as he does tend toward the extremely competitive but relatively humble demeanour.

I suppose we’ll see soon enough.
So you are saying he’s better suited to united?

Sir Joe Aguero

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9 Feb 2012
If he's not on much as you say, then surely money would potentially be a reason to leave?
No, you don’t tie yourself down to such a large contract if you’re financially motivated because it makes it so much harder to leave once a better offer comes.

If you’re on a 5 year contract, you’d start renegotiating around the 2.5 year mark, whereas the 9 year contract shows he loves Madrid and has bought into their project.

Not saying it’d be easy to convince him to move, but Atletico have let Lucas and Godin leave. If Griezmann leaves and they don’t reinforce, maybe he’d come.


25 Jul 2009
Still at Maine Road in my mind.
Balance and wisdom require one to jettison nonsense.
Quite a lot of edits and deleted posts required for the jettisoning of the supposed nonsense, which are merely good faith posts discussing a player... from someone that watches him frequently... on a thread about the possible purchase of a player... on a discussion forum...

Not particularly zen, but I suppose it is a daily struggle.

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